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We're running our eco-design course next spring!

UPDATE: This course sold out in mid-December! However, we have a spring online option and a fall in-person option to share with you!

Co-creators Benjamin Weiss (Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises) and Robyn Mello (Edenspore) are offering this 11-day course as part of the crucial shift in human design towards the direction of consistently working in reciprocity with Earth and community. There is an optional Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Track.

Act fast. The course has sold out since we started teaching it two years ago!

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Edenspore is the life project of Robyn Mello, South Jersey’s premier permaculture designer, eco-educator, herbalist, and earth-worshipping musician. Choose your own adventure below:


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“By seeing your social media, your posts, and having interacted with you, I really value and trust your judgment and the way that you live your life. I feel that you’re a really great example. You are definitely supportive of others who know that they are their own best healers. I don’t expect you to give me any kind of special magic potion that’s going to make my life better. It’s more of a conversation… I find you to be really cool. I trust you.”

Kacki Schwartz

Nurse, Healer, Denver, CO

“...Robyn gives the bolder, more magical reality her all. Her songs talk of joy, darkness, growth and revolution in the sense of reconnection - with cycles of sun and soil, and the roots of the oldest trees. Her vocal range is incredible - maintaining pure power from the grittiest growl to soaringest trill, like she's channeling wilderness itself. I want to live in the vision that seems to guide her. These days, all institutions seem to be in flux, the ground under our feet crumbling, a scary time of uncertainty. Robyn sees it and lives there too, then does the artist's alchemy to embody something simultaneously new and timeless instead. ...From music to mushroom potions and more, she continues to front-run the future and unseat the creeping dread. She builds a table and then puts it all out there -- hope, fear, shadow, light, loss, love -- and it gives me hope that no matter the travails we face, all will have a place, should we choose to partake and fight together.”

Marlon MacAllister

Author, Organizer, Philadelphia, PA

"I never had the feeling that you were just reading something that I also could have read. I loved hearing the voice of your experience, speaking. I appreciated the subjects and details you included as they were actually a great example of using permaculture as a presentation planning tool. I have so enjoyed the wholeness of learning about Permaculture. It amplifies so many of the ideas I value in my efforts to move from old ways of communicating and thinking of our needs and the needs of others to more inclusive, less costly (to relationships and general well being ) ways of really looking for solutions and not just naming problems."

anonymous student

"Practical Permaculture" Course

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