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We love lavender!

Today's chat window in Zoom class was exploding with emojis and the word "lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender" written dozens of times by the ecokids, giving even more proof to the power of this purple-flowered gentle giant. Watch the video to the left to learn where lavender comes from, how it grows, what type of soil it prefers, some of the many medicinal and culinary applications it has, and a rehashing of concepts taught in previous classes such as soil types, mint family characteristics, and more.

Today's Slideshow:

Today is the first day I decided to incorporate slides rather than just screen-sharing photos, and I think it worked out quite well for everyone! Here are the revolving slides, also viewable via watching the class video above.

*Note on slideshow photos: All of today's images were found via Google searching images tagged for reuse.

Lavender Resources Elsewhere

19 Sweet and Salty Ways to Love Lavender: Epicurious

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Lavender's Medicinal and Aromatherapy Uses: Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

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