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Black Cherry

Black Cherry trees are abundant!

Black Cherry trees are found throughout a good deal of the Eastern and Central U.S. and Mexico. They're great pioneer species in disturbed ecosystems, tolerate many growing conditions, and make for good eating and medicine for humans and nonhuman species alike! Birds love eating them, which is part of the reason they show up so often as volunteers.

Today's Slideshow:

The slideshow is a new and evolving process. I aim to get better at creating them and have them become more useful and educational over time, as an alternative to needing to watch the entire class video or as something to follow along in addition to watching. Here are today's revolving slides, also viewable via watching the class video above.

*Note on slideshow photos: All images not taken by Robyn Mello were found via Google searching images tagged for reuse.

Black Cherry Resources Elsewhere

Black Cherry Plant Guide: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Black Cherry Plant Profile: Plants For A Future Database

Black Cherry Cough Syrup Recipe: Herbal Musings

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