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Sweet Cherry

The cherry cobbler cherry!

This species is near and dear to my heart, and it may be the deepest, oldest reason as to why I love fruit trees so much. There was a giant, overgrown sweet cherry tree next to my childhood home's driveway. Some of my favorite memories as a young person involved climbing that tree and eating handfuls of ripe cherries near the end of the school year. After learning about cherries in today's lesson, I hope you're just as excited to grow and care for cherry trees of your own!

Today's Slideshow:

Here are the revolving slides that go along with today's lesson. They are viewable via watching the class video above, but viewing the slideshow on its own will be a helpful introduction to the sweet cherry and useful for those who don't want to watch a video.

*Note on slideshow photos: All of today's images were found via Google searching images tagged for reuse.

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